My idea is to surpass yours. I don’t belong to the style, I just try to print my own vision of his story under my skin with my own handwriting as faithfully as possible, in an original way and with regard to the individuality of each customer.

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Dotwork & Blackwork graphic

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Illustrative tattoo & Color


Sketch a individual tattoo


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How to order a tattoo

Personal or online consultation

If you want a personal consultation with your chosen tattoo artist, use the telephone contact. You will need the following documents: a description of your idea and a possible inspirational photo, estimated size in cm, location on the body, color and any other questions.


All pre-arranged designs will be provided no earlier than 3 days before the date of the tattoo, in other cases everything will be agreed on the day of the tattoo, when there is always enough time to create an original motif. In the case of remodels, the design is always created on site.


In the case of creating a preliminary design, a sketch fee of at least 1,000 CZK is charged and further upon agreement with the tattoo artis.

Deposit and price of tattoo

For a binding order it is necessary to pay a deposit of 1000 CZK (half-day session) or 2000 CZK (full-day session) within 7 days of ordering to the account or in person at our reception, Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 18:00. The deposit is refundable at least 7 days before the tattoo date, in case of health problems it is necessary to send a doctor’s report, otherwise the deposit is forfeited. If the deposit is not paid by the due date, the appointment will be cancelled without notice. The minimum price of the tattoo is 2000 CZK, the price depends on the difficulty, colour and size of the motif. Payments are possible only in cash.